Welcome 2023 C-Black Finalists
Championing Dreams and Diversity: Get to Know the Exceptional Finalists of the 2023 C-Black x Tech Pitch Competition

C-Tribe proudly presents the inaugural cohort of finalists for the 2023 C-Black x Tech Pitch Competition. Embracing diversity and championing the aspirations of creative minds, we continue to curate spaces where underestimated innovators can flourish.

This year witnessed an overwhelming influx of applications, showcasing the remarkable depth and reach of the technology landscape. With unwavering support from partners such as Edmonton Regional Innovation Network (ERIN), Innovate Calgary, Platform Calgary, Edmonton Unlimited, RBC, Ciroc, Black Business Venture Association (BBVA), and others, we meticulously evaluated multiple rounds of submissions, culminating in the selection of 9 exceptional finalists.

Hailing from diverse sectors like health tech, AgTech, shipping and logistics, media & entertainment,  consumer products & services and more, these emerging leaders exhibit extraordinary potential and unwavering dedication. Their ventures possess the transformative power to reshape industries, create opportunities, and address wealth disparities, forging a more inclusive future.

Aligned with our mission of nurturing entrepreneurial growth, we are thrilled to announce that the finalists will showcase their pitches on August 19th at Edmonton Unlimited's downtown venue in Edmonton.

By equipping these entrepreneurs with essential resources, our goal is to accelerate their company growth, cultivate resilient networks, and prioritize their overall well-being. This cohort of aspiring Black entrepreneurs will gain invaluable guidance, support, and resources, ensuring their aspirations are fortified and their paths to success are illuminated.

Join us in celebrating the tenacity, drive, and relentless spirit of these finalists as we chart a course towards a future brimming with prosperity and intergenerational wealth. Learn more about their groundbreaking products and services by visiting their respective websites and engaging with them on social media.

Anutio - an AI-powered, personalized career diagnostics app for students & professionals

Awele -  a digital platform that helps car dealers abroad to ship from Canada

Cassidy e-Care - empowering people with diabetes to manage their health outside a hospital setting

Cropmind - a Fitbit for Agriculture  helping farmers optimize crop yield

PeerX.ai - an AI-powered peer support platform

LOUD Army -a music streaming service that shares 50% revenue with artists.

Scoolio - Helping teachers save countless hours of weekly admin tasks.

Synoptech - An over-the-counter multi-biomarker analyzer, designed for health optimization

UpRow - a virtual marketplace and social media platform for immigrants

Register to attend here: http://tech.ctribefestival.com/signups


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